Leadership is defined by Merriam-Webster online dictionary as the capacity to Lead.

In order to lead, what does a Leader need?  The following are the qualities that a person needs in order to be an affective Leader:

LEADERSHIP                  RESPECT                       DISCIPLINE
                         CONFIDENCE                  FOCUS
INTEGRITY                SELF-CONTROL                  HONOR
                         LOYALTY                          COURTESY

Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts creates Leaders.  Leaders are not born, they are developed.

To be a Leader, a person needs to have a solid foundation of life skills. It starts with Respect, which is the most important of the life skills listed above. Earning and giving respect is a critical part of becoming a Leader. All of the other Life Skills are based on Respect. Mind Body Spirit Martial Arts is based on developing the life skills that you want for your children. We are developing tomorrow's leaders through our programs.

We cater to students starting at age 4 and up. Our instructors have years of experience, and work with the students to set goals, and work hard to attain them. The following is our current offer:

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